Beyourself Settings (Behind the Mind) Map

October 30, 2018

Settings (Behind the Mind)
Many of Beyourself actions can be controlled in “Behind the Mind,” check what you can manage.

Change Photo
• Easily change your profile picture.

• White background;
• Dark background to use at night;
• Day and Night – White background for the day and dark background for the night;
• Live – A unique experience that makes your AI Mind with transparent background.

Personal Assistant
• Customize your Personal Assistant. How would you like to be called? Female or Male voice? What is the name you want to give to your personal assistant?

Edit Profile
• Edit your account information.

Anonymous Profile
• Set a photo and nickname to use in chat rooms.

• Learn more about your AI Mind skills. Voice commands to talk with your Personal Assistant.

Blocked Connections
• Manage people you’ve blocked.

• You can choose if you want to save photos taken from Beyourself in your mobile gallery.
• Set your geolocation in GeoFriends as public or private.

Archived Albums
• Search and manage your oldest memories.

• Password – Reset your password;
• Sleep (Delete) – Put your mind to hibernate indefinitely and when you re-enable it, all your memories will be intact;
• Log out.

• Manage all notifications you want to receive.

• Questions and Suggestions? Contact us through smart support.

• Learn more about Beyourself, privacy policy, terms of service, content policy and rules.

Invite Friends
• Invite your friends to join you on Beyourself.

• Rate Beyourself on Google Play.