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October 29, 2018

Write a Post
• Share texts, photos, videos, links to blogs and websites, YouTube videos, songs you’re listening to on Spotify, books you’re reading or recommend on the Kindle, plus your favorite TV shows and movies on Netflix.

• Right place… Right time… New discoveries! Meet new friends nearby or around the world! Connect, send a scrap and give a kiss.
• Search friends, people, places, addresses and routes.

Live chat in any city you choose. Live intensely each moment, share experiences!
• Enter in the chat rooms using your social profile or anonymous profile.
• Meet interesting people on live chat.
• Choose a room or create your own chat room in your city or any other city in the world.
• Receive notification when a person enters in the rooms you’ve created.
• Send messages to everyone or select a person to tag her in the conversation.
• Share photos with people who are in the chat room.
• After leaving the room the dialogues and photos posted are deleted.
• The rooms are limited to 20 people, so the conversation flows in an interesting way for everyone.

• Find people, tags and posts. Search many things on Google and Amazon!

• Interact in your timeline! Keep up with the latest from your connections. See all posts chronologically on timeline or click one of your connections to see their posts.