Beyourself Inc.


Eduardo Raider


Taisa Raider

Beyourself is an artificial intelligence platform that integrates virtual assistant, social media, cloud storage and smart services, allowing its users to have their own artificial intelligence mind.

Users can customize their AI Mind by choosing the name and voice of the Personal Assistant, as well as interacting through voice and touch skills to; save, organize and share memories (photos and videos). Exchange messages, scraps, kisses, see who visited its profile and connect with family and friends. Share texts, photos, videos, links to blogs and websites, YouTube videos, Spotify songs, books it's reading or recommend on the Kindle, plus his favorite series and movies on Netflix. Interact with posts in a minimalist and pure chronological timeline. Meet interesting people in the chat rooms from the most vibrant cities in the world. Users can also update themselves about their news, schedule alarms, timer and bluetooth. Geolocalize friends, people, places, addresses and routes. Make searches on Beyourself, Google or Amazon, call to phone contacts and still take time to relax with Beyourself's meditation skill. These are some of the many other skills available to users at Beyourself app.

Beyourself is available free for mobile device platforms such as Android and under development for iOS.

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Beyourself Inc. was founded in 2016 by brazilians Eduardo Raider and Taisa Raider in USA.

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